One Year Sober

Today I am One Year Sober.

I Have not had a sip of alcohol in 365 days. Ill forever remember April 2nd.

I was an alcoholic and alcoholism was on a war path to destroy my life and I was not fighting against it at all. I was on my death bed. 

But Christ truly reached into the pit of what I had chosen and lifted me out. 

I saw hope for the first time in years.

This victory in my humanity is completely Jesus. 

His strength, His grace, and His forgiveness saved my life. 

I can 100% tell you that I would not have made it much longer how I was living. It is only by Christ that I am still alive.

I am more focused than I have ever been in my life. I am strong in my purpose because I submitted to the sacrifice required here on earth to become the warrior God put me here to be. 

No more death. No more passivity. No more hopelessness. No more victimization. No more addiction.

I have been called to and have Free Life. 

I share this with you because God has this same story of victory for you in your life in whatever you may be fighting against. 

There is hope. There is freedom. You must only surrender and sacrifice.

Then you can fight like the warrior you have always been. 

I Love You

Rhett NolandComment