God Speaks

The night is still like God in His wisdom. 

We learn to curse the redundancy of day and it’s closing.

Our minds reel franticly within the distraction of time. 

We hurl curses at the void of God’s seemingly vacant presence.

The ever-lasting gave us consciousness to commune with Him. 

This is what we miss. 

We become impatient with the lack of audible reply or response. 

We lobby God on our terms.

That is not how He travels. 

God speaks.  

In the unquantifiable teem of our consciousness is His voice.

The still peace when we quiet our thoughts and listen. 

Silence is not abandonment but a guiding hand. 

Stillness is not inaction but a place of meeting. 

The quiet affords us space to confront what distraction clouds us from seeing: Our purpose.

We forfeit our consciousness into a mechanism bent on the churn of worldly distraction. 

We blame our misdirection of focus on the one who gave us the ability to choose. 

The power of choice is yours and is mine. 

Will we act on impulse in expectation that God will intervene at some point just before it is too late?

Or will we risk the silence to learn what lies within it?

It is through the quiet that truth voices an answer. 

When God is silent the absence is a vessel of His voice . 

Silence is God’s mechanism to focus us on a singular vision:

Who He made us to be. 

When we learn and experience who we were made to be we then know why we exist:

To commune with God and to share this experience through relation with mankind and nature.

Do not be afraid but encouraged when you find yourself in the midst of a great stillness and silence. 

You may just find out what you were created to know: 

That you are loved. 





Rhett NolandComment