The Right Things

We all want the right things. We all hope for the serendipitous people, places, and things that will help usher in and shape the futures we desire to become of our lives. I have gone on record saying, “I just want the right thing to happen” more times than I care to count. 

Have you found yourself iterating a similar sentiment involving the right thing(s)?

What are these elusive “right things”? 

Are they fateful chances that fall into place as we strive along our paths?

Destined and appointed fixtures that we must only wait for?

I believe the right things come from the manifestation of our true inner selves. The investment in and development of our engrained purpose. The bloom of our well being in mind, body, and spirit.  

The right things become of us when we become more of ourselves.  

Let us first unpack the notion that the right things are all up to chance and circumstance.

Circumstances come as the wind does. We don’t simply desire better circumstances, a better job, a better relationship, or more palatable exterior environments. 

We want to be satisfied and fulfilled with who we are. When this understanding is in tact circumstance becomes but a measure of patience. When we refuse patience we become susceptible to victimization of our circumstances. We don’t allow the right things time to grow. We rip up from the soil the most fledgling sign of sprout before any foundational growth has been able to take root when we are impatient with the season we are in. 

Investing in the long run can build what the day to day grind will not be able to shake. 

Impatience can be a symptom of the greatest adversary to the right things for us: Selfishness.

Selfishness fuels and gives credence to impatience and deludes us into believing that waiting for development is a fool’s game. Selfishness makes it’s comfortable nest in a lie. A lie that tells us we will be safe if we stay where we are and exactly how we are. No traction, no movement, no change but the same old routine that fosters our comfort. 

The right things are inherently attracted to lives and minds that are open and willing enough to perceive them selflessly. Ending up where you want to be is not about getting what you want.   

We would get it right the first and every time if we’d uproot selfishness from our equation. 

Fear of waiting and of investing time into our journey requires the risk of hope. 

We can be petrified of approaching our hopes as naked as we are in offering of our humble contribution. Afraid that we will be rejected and disappointed by our attempt at hope, our attempt to bare our real selves in vulnerability.  

When we allow our insecurities to make us ashamed of ourselves we get isolated. We then have to defend our isolation or else someone will get close enough to see how broken we are.   

Everyone and everything becomes a salve to be used to conjugate our battered identities and their insecurities.

Hope dies in such a defensively masked state of being. 

Existing in such a state of fear of ourselves teaches us to face our hopes as someone else.

We show up to court the right things pretending that God and heaven cooked the books and it is all a tragic setup. Arriving to meet the love of our life liquored up. 

We sabotage what we can not accept. 

We construct a false version of ourselves to shield who we really are from disappointment. 

What this false version of us craves is an emotional high via immediate validation. It seeks this by crying wolf. The false self does not wish to become better. It will not let it’s victim see clearly or soberly to accept what is true. Accepting what is true requires the patience, investment, and hope we discussed above.

I’ve never truly wanted or needed anything the false self has obtained for me. The plunders of it’s farce were certainly never right for me. Getting exactly what I wanted (or thought I wanted) has never made me anyone I actually wanted to be.

We must recognize and confront the selfishness of our false selves so that we may put them to death. We can accomplish this by surrendering our own tiresome efforts to gain what we think we ought to have. We are called to hope. Hope exposes the lies we believe and allows us to surrender. 

The right things grow and bloom from the fresh soil of surrender. Give up the fist fight with your shadow. 

All of these actions free the manifestation of our true inner selves. These steps free us to become who we are. The right things become inescapably intuitive. 

Our acceptance of ourselves and life is in the understanding that we are freely given these gifts. We were made to be stewards of the right things.

The journey is ours to embark on and no one is stopping us but us. The best things wait right at our feet while we search the horizon for the promise of what we have already received.


Rhett NolandComment