Not Numbing The Human Experience

To be human is to be conscious. We experientially perceive our existence. This renders us aware of a vast emotional landscape formed by the connection of our hearts, minds, and souls.  Mankind’s awareness brings about recognition of his need and so he seeks to fulfill these needs within the framework of nature and society. 

I believe the actual purpose for existing delves beyond the mere function of our physical and emotional infrastructures. 

The experience of being a human is about discovering oneself; journeying to know and understand ourselves as specific individuals, as created beings, and as part of creation wholly. To be known by ourselves and by God through our consciousness, awareness, and fulfillment of needs.  

God created us with an inherent need to know who we are and implanted a sensory longing for eternity within us. When focused in the right direction, this need can draw us into a healthy state of self-recognition. Once we are in this state we can realize our place within the span of eternity and know how integral that makes the present.  

However, as we venture into this process of life and humanity we discover that being human can be a very uncomfortable and even painful ordeal. Flesh and spirit sparring against one another within the bridle of bone and brain. Man has always created war because he is at war within himself first. The conflict of self recognition is as ancient as our DNA. 

In the discomfort of reconciling oneself and striving to make sense of our existence mankind has been driven to seek the perfect way to numb it’s growing pains. Be it by the aid of substances, or in the acquisition of comfort, humanity is obsessed with numbing it’s exposure to the very life it inhabits. Escapism replaces living. 

When confronted with pain we numb our intelligence to pause the whole predicament from getting worse. We choose to be willfully ignorant instead of soberly and alertly walking through the pain. The vehicles of escapism only construct facades that keep reality dulled behind our chosen numbness. No situation can change, life can’t get better, if we numb ourselves to the circumstance that is happening to spur our growth. 

I really don’t know how much I progressed or grew as a person between the ages of 21-25 because I was heavily numbing myself with alcohol. The future was uncertain and pain was inevitable so I poisoned myself to beat life to the punch. I could have lived and died this way as many do. I eventually became so sick of living in the lie of being numb that I decided I must face the rest of my life sober and alert. Facing the pain of reality had to be better than being a complete victim of it. 

Alcohol was one of the ways I was numbing myself but we must know that sobriety is a choice to not use ANYTHING to escape. Not substances, people, relationships, the past, jobs, or lifestyles. 

In the hilariously overwhelming throws of our pain we must not give in to the temptation to opt out, by the means of any vice, before redemption has a chance. 

Being human is about using our consciousness to recognize and discover ourselves through oursensory capabilities. We were made to feel. The fact that we are able to experience pain is the exact justification for why we must allow ourselves to know it. 

The elation of joy is not knowable if we numb ourselves to the sculpting chisel of pain. We learn what we are made of when we soberly and alertly face the scalpel of this world and life. 

Numbness is the apathy that our refusal to understand breeds. We never learn our worth or realize our purpose when we continuously throw it out the window to stay numb. Our human worth and purpose is known through the patience of refinement. Numbness is always momentary and short sighted. Sobriety shapes a path into the long term that is forged by acceptance of our humanity. 

Once we allow ourselves to feel the experience of being human fully we will build the courage to be and stay alertly sober. To know that life is fleeting and passing so quickly, we do not have time to not be present. If we are not alert and sober then we risk the opportunity we have to know the purpose of our being and experience oneness with ourselves and God.   

Numbness is the enemy of our human experience. We either choose to be numb or choose to be human, there is no in between and we can not be both. Numbness isolates even in the midst of great company. Choose to be human and you will never be alone. 

Rhett NolandComment