A singular moment in time is all it takes to make a decision.

A solitary instance in your life is all it takes to change.

You can not plan for this moment. It is the very breath you are in the midst of. 

If we do not act when the very pulse within us burgeons then we forfeit our spirit’s momentum unto the opportunity cost of inertia. We remain unchanged and inactive when we ignore the calling of our spirit. Inert. 

When we make the choice to change we release the flood gates of our unrealized potential. The energy we once employed to stay safe in sterilization is now free to compound within the purpose of reality. Reality is the crux and hinge of our purpose because it is the transpiring of the present. Our focus must be on what is elapsing right in front of our very eyes because this is where the opportunity for decision exists. Seeing things for what they really are and not what we would like for them to be gives us the clarity to be fully present within reality and the choices at hand.  

The very moment we use to give into an addiction is the same moment we could decide to quit. The same minute we use to think over a past defeat is the same time we could use to set a new goal in hope. I have been sober for 15 months because of a decision that took a matter of seconds to make and commit to.  It is simply a redirect of energy and focus. Training our minds to think in a new way, setting and engraining new thought patterns. Transformation happens when old thoughts and lies are abolished by the presence of our exercised will. This movement conquers inertia.

The time you are now taking to read this sentence is all it could take to decide to believe something new. To believe that you can change. To know that enacting change within yourself will begin to reshape your surrounding environment because you are perceiving it for what it actually is. 

When we allow ourselves to become inert our environments become dreaded capsules of blame. Everything is everyone else's fault because we are viewing life from a window beside an early deathbed. But we aren’t dead or even dying quite yet. Choosing to succumb to inertia is like walking around with a blindfold over our eyes that we tied around our head and cursing the curb when we trip over it. We are the only ones that can remove the blindfold and accept responsibility for the blindness we have chosen to live in. 

Reality is inevitable. Reality is a river forging pathways through new and undiscovered territory. We must be aware and accepting of reality as it stands and moves so that we are always ready to make the decisions it requires. An active stance towards our lives unfolding, rather than hiding behind the fear that everything ahead will be just like what has already happened, is freedom. 

Using this moment and the moment that will follow once you are done reading to look reality in the face and make the decision to no longer ignore the beckon of your spirit, to change and risk for newness is what you must do. 

No one else will change for us. The work is ours to do and there is joy in the growing pains of becoming a life that never ceases growing. 

Inertia can be defeated by a baby step. 

Don’t let another day pass without making the decision you have kept swept under the rug. We were built for reality. Let’s take it and run with it towards the setting sun abandoning the fear of what tomorrow might bring. We will be ready to face it with the means to choose what is right.

Rhett NolandComment