Giving in to temptation will never make you who you are meant to be but fighting it will. 

Temptation is the distraction we allow to entertain us while we are deceived that our purpose will never arrive. Temptation draws us away from our friends, families, homes, and own hearts. It is a luring force that plays on our insecurities. If the people, places, things, and thoughts that temptation uses to prod us were of any merit or benefit then why does it require us leaving our station? 

Our station in life is where we have decided to dig in to pursue our purpose. Baby step by baby step we invest our hearts, minds, and lives into the communities we thrive amongst. 

Temptation attempts to lead us away from our station in community to leave our investments unguarded. If we lose sight of what we have invested in over many months and years then we can quickly discount our steadfastness as a measure of false hope. We cut our strive towards purpose off at the knee. What is false always conceals itself to convince us that everything else is a lie. 

The truth never hides it’s intentions or motives. The truth speaks plainly to our faces what will happen if we invest in it by trust. The false nature of temptation is fueled by our momentary lapses in judgement. Temptation plays on our emotions and feelings because it knows that these human sensations are fleeting. 

How many times have we squandered our greatest potential in a moment because we felt sad or alone or upset? Temptation is a vacuum for potential. It steals all the potential we will allow it to take and uses that power to redefine our identity. We are foreclosed on and short sold in a moment of our own insecurity. 

We can be our own greatest enemy but we are also our greatest defender. We must protect what we know to be true of ourselves. We must not abandon our stations in life and maintain a confident foothold in front of our investments ( growth, worth, and community). We have to know that our “Yes” and “No” are weighted in pure gold as our sword and shield.   

When temptation loses it’s ability to seduce us we become bastions of influence and freedom that take hold of the truth deception is warring against. We become warriors for ourselves, our families, and our communities. 

If we are not headed in the right direction, towards hope and fulfillment, then why is temptation coming out of the woodwork like wildfire to sell us a detour? It is imperative for us to understand our enemy so that we do not forfeit to it’s seemingly friendly sales pitch. Temptation’s true nature always becomes clear once we have submitted to it’s fraud. A snarling and starved dog will whimper after it has had it’s fill. 

Our enemy lies within the duality of our own nature. We can not trust our own hearts that are counting down beat by beat. Our fleshly and lower nature is what is provoked by temptation. Our flesh can be prodded by what feels comforting or validating in a singular moment of insecurity. 

Our spiritual and higher nature is what speaks to us within about what we truly need to thrive. When we invest in our higher nature it builds self control that we can employ to withstand the temptations our flesh flails to cash in on. 

The spirit and flesh we all possess have been given to us as a checks and balances system so that through our free will we can choose what is contrary to our feelings to give our spirits what is truly life giving. We must invest in our spirit’s well being to know the lie of temptation when it attempt’s to use our flesh against us and feed on our potential. 

The truth resonates with our higher selves, they are synonymous. We can invest in ourselves to stay the course of purpose by prayer, internal reflection, sharing in community, and seeking healing of hurt. 

When beauty does not know itself it can be deceived to use it’s gift as a bargaining chip rather than protecting the value of it’s worth. 

Your life is beautiful. Your station in this life is purposeful. Your potential is your spirit’s hope of fulfillment that must be protected. 

We must fight and not give in to the distraction of temptation and we will see ourselves exactly as we are : Completely loved forces of creation that change the Earth by truth. 

Rhett NolandComment